Wickford Diner The Historic Wickford Diner

Located in downtown Wickford, beside the Quahog Emporium, and on the edge of the harbor, this historic landmark continues to offer outstanding food and service for breakfast and lunch every day of the week, starting at 7 am.

With your morning coffee, you can have eggs any style, pancakes, French toast, an omelet, a Breakfast Burrito, or a grilled Portuguese muffin. Sound good? Here's the complete breakfast menu.

For lunch, (remember you're in Quahog County) you can start with a Quahog stuffie, move to a bowl of Quahog chowder, and savor a lobster salad sandwich. Some delicious memories are waiting here for you at the Wickford Diner, and here's the complete lunch menu.

Is the place really historic? Yes, indeed. The diner's structure and roof line reveal that it was once a classic Tierney diner. It apparently survived the 1938 hurricane, which flooded all of downtown Wickford. The diner also survived those wild and sassy waitresses who are part of its history, but not forgotten by some of the old-timers who had breakfast here every single morning, summer and winter. The stories they could tell...

Service at diner in the old days.