Dinners at Duffy's


Stuffed Quahog $2.95 (A Rhode Island Staple!)
Clam Cakes $2.95 (Half Dozen) $5.50 (One Dozen)
Boom Boom Shrimp $7.50
Coconut Shrimp $8.95
Fried Calamari $6.95 (Native Squid)
Maryland Crab Cakes $8.95 (Served with a Wasabi Sauce)
Baby Back Ribs $7.95
Buffalo Wings "Anchor Bar Special" (Mild or Hot, Served with Blue Cheese Dressing)
• 12 Wings $6.75    • 18 Wings $8.50
• 30 Wings $13.00  • 50 Wings $22.00
Teriyaki or Chili-Garlic Wings $6.75 (12 per Order)
Chicken Tenders $6.75 (W. Buffalo or Honey-Mustard Sauce)
Wing Ding $6.75 (12 per Order )
Mozzarella Sticks $4.50 (6 per Order with Marinara Sauce)
Sweet Potato Fries $2.95 (for Basketful)
French Fries $2.50 (for Basketful)
Onion Rings $4.95 (for Basketful)


Peel n' Eat Shrimp $0.10 each
Jumbo Gulf Shrimp $1.00 each
Steamers Served with Drawn Butter & Broth:
  a 2-pound Bowl $15.95, a 4-Pound Bowl $24.95
Baby Quahogs $11.95 (18 Steamed in Broth & Garlic Butter)
Steamed Mussels $8.95 (2 Pounds Served w/Garlic Butter)

*Littlenecks (Native) $0.75 each
*Cherrystones (Native) $0.75 each
*Oysters (Cultivated in RI) $1.75 each


House Salad $2.50
Snail Salad $8.95 (Local Conch)
Lobster Bisque $12.95 (Large bowl loaded with Lobster)
Soup of the Day: $3.50 for Cup; $4.00 for Bowl
Quahog Chili: $3.00 for Cup; $4.00 for Bowl (The only meat in Quahog Chili is Quahog meat.)
Quahog Chowder $3.00 for Cup; $4.00 for Bowl (Pick your style: Rhode Island, Manhattan, or New England.)
Chowder & 4 Clam Cakes: $4.95 for Cup; $5.95 Bowl
Roasted Corn, Shrimp, and Scallop Chowder: $3.50 for     Cup; $4.50 for Bowl


All sandwiches and burgers come with fries and pickle.
Add Coleslaw, Cucmber Salad, or Pickled Beets for $1.25 more.

*Duffy Burger $4.95 (Half-pound of choice Hamburger grilled to your liking and served on Bulky Roll with Lettuce and Tomato. For 50 cents more per item, you can add Cheddar, American, or Swiss Cheese, and sauteed Onions, Mushrooms, and Bacon. )
*Sirloin Steak Sandwich $5.95 (Grilled to your liking and served on Torpedo Roll with Lettuce and Tomato.)
*Duffy's Sirloin Steak Sandwich $6.50 (Grilled to your liking and served on Torpedo Roll with Mushrroms, Onions, and Cheese.)
Lobster Salad Roll $15.95
Grilled Chicken Sandwich $5.95 (Served on your choice of Bread: Wheat, White, Rye, or Bulky Roll with Lettuce and Tomato.)
*Fish Sandwich on Toasted Roll $6.95 (Served with your choice of Coleslaw, Cucumber Salad, or Pickled Beets.)


Sweet Temptation Pies: $2.75 per Slice (Your choice of Apple, Blueberry, Harvest Fruit, Boston Creme, or Lemon Meringue. Top it with Ice Cream for $1.00 more.)
Ice Cream Bowl $1.95 (Your choice of Chocolate, Vanilla or Coffee.)
Ice Cream Parfait $3.75

*Items that are raw or partially cooked can increase your risk of illness. Consumers who are especially vulnerable to foodborne illness should only eat seafood (and other food from animals) that is thoroughly cooked. Caution: shell particles may be normally encountered in shellfish food products.


Lobsters: Steamed, or Baked With Shrimp & Scallop Stufing

Single Cull $12.95 $17.95
Twin Culls $18.95 $28.95
Triple Culls $29.95 $44.95
1 1/2 Pounds $18.95 $26.45
2 Pounds $29.95 $39.95
2 1/2 Pounds $34.95 $47.45
3 Pounds $39.95 $54.95

1 1/2 Pound Lobster with your choice of
    Steamers or Mussels $29.95
1 1/2 Pound Lobster & 12-oz. Sirloin Steak Combo $29.95
Lobster Seafood Pie $16.95 (Native Lobster, Maine Shimp,and Bay Scallops)
Alaskan King Crab Legs: 1 1/2 lb. $38.95; 3 lb. $75.00
Dungeness Crab: 1 1/2 lb. $16.95; 3 lb. $29.95
Baltimore Platter $17.95 (2 Crab Cakes & Sea Scallops baked and topped with ala Mama Sauce)
Fisherman Stew$12.95 (Portugese Style Mussels, Shrimp & Cod)
Baked Stuffed Shrimp, Jumbo Gulf $14.95 (4 per Order)
Baked Stuffed Sole $10.95 (With Lobster Sauce)
Baby Back Ribs (Rack) $12.95 (Slow Smoked on Premises)
*Sirloin Steak $12.95 Regular, $15.95 Jumbo
(Grilled to your liking or ala Mama)

Chicken Breast $9.95 (Cajun, BBQ or w. Lemon, Capers & Butter)
Chicken Maryland $9.95


Atlantic Swordish $16.95 (Add Cajun Seasoning or Lemon Capers Butter at no extra cost)
Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon $15.95 (Add Pesto, Bourbon Glazed, or Cajun at no extra cost.)
Cajun Tuna $14.95 (Rubbed with Cajun Seasoning and grilled to your preference.)
Grilled Seafood Platter $16.95 (Your choice of Salmon or Swordfish with Shrimp and Deep-Sea Scallops)
Surf n'Turf $19.95 (Sirloin Steak grilled to your liking with your choice of Swordfish, Deep Sea Scallops, or Sauteed Shrimp)


Nova Scotia Digby Bay Deep-Sea Scallops $16.95
Atlantic Swordfish $16.95 (Add Cajun Seasoning or Lemon Capers Butter at no extra charge.)
Seafood Platter$16.95 (Flounder, Scallops, and Shrimp)
Atlantic Farm Raised Salmon $15.95 (Add Pesto or Bourbon Glaze at no extra cost.)
Flounder $11.95 (From Point Judith)
Cod $11.95 (From Maine)
Bay Scallops $10.95 (Farm Raised)

Most of our Fish dishes can be Baked, Broiled, Grilled, or Steamed with Lime Ginger, Zesty Orange, ala Mama, or Cucumber Wasabi


Cod $9.95 (From Maine)
Flounder $9.95 (From Point Judith)
Gulf Shrimp $8.95 (70/90 Served  with Boom Boom Sauce)
Atlantic Bay Scallops$10.95
Shrimp $11.95 (from the Gulf of Mexico)
Oysters $16.95 (Maryland's Finest)
Clams $16.95 (From Maine)
Smelts $9.95 (Seasonal)
Nova Scotia's Digby Bay Deep-Sea Scallops $16.95
Seafood Platter $19.95 (Flounder, Scallops, Shrimp, and Clams)

Unless specified otherwise, entrees are served with your choice of two side-dishes: Red Bliss Potatoes, French Fries, Coleslaw, Pickled Beets, CucumberSalad — and the Starch or Vegetable of the Day. For fresh, hand-cut fries, add $1.00.


Fried Clams $14.95
Fried Oysters $14.95
Fried Fish $6.95 (One Piece)
Fried Smelts $7.95 (Seasonal)

Seasonal Specials at Duffy's

Twin 1 1/2 lb. Select Lobsters $32.95 

(Add stuffing for $7.50 per lobster.)

Fisherman Style 1 1/2 lb. Stuffed Lobster $21.95
Grilled Yellow Fin Tuna $13.95
(Served with Cucumber Wasabi Sauce)
Seafood Alfredo $16.95
(Native Lobster, Chilean Langostinos and Maine Shrimp over Linguini)
Shrimp, Artichokes and Sun-Dried Tomatoes $13.95
(A dozen large domestic Shrimp with Artichokes and Sun-Dried Tomatoes
in a White Wine and Garlic Sauce over Linguini)

Chicken Pot Pie with House Salad $9.95
"Black and Blue" Rib Eye $14.95
(16-oz. Rib Eye grilled to your liking toped with Blue Cheese Crumbles)
The Wickford Surf n' Turf $18.95
(16-oz. Rib Eye grilled to your liking, plus six large Scampi Shrimp en casserole.)
Grilled Pork Chops $9.95
(Twin 1-inch thick Pork Chops that have been cut on premise.)
Baked Native Cod and Atlantic Mussels $13.95
(Served in Red Basil Sauce with Linguini.)

Budweiser     Bud Light      Harpoon IPA
Miller Lite      Newport Storm     Sam Adams Seasonal
Shock Top      Bass     Stella
Smithwick's     Guiness     Coors Light

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September 14 through September 30, 2012